A Merry Frisky Christmas Party

The Royal Selangor Polo Club cordially invites you to the annual Christmas Party.  Round up the year with carol singing, feasting and merrymaking all evening.  Bring your own mistletoe.

In addition, this is to inform you that during the Christmas Party on 5th December 2015, the club shall be organising a Chinese Auction, to participate kindly bring a gift worth RM50.00.  The gift must be gift wrapped.


Thank You.




Saturday 5th December 2015
7.00 pm to 1:00 pm
Dress Code: Fairies and Elves




  • Each participant brings one wrapped RM50 gift. Gifts will then be labeled with numbers at the Club and put in a pool
  • The first participant draws a gift’s number and picks up the corresponding gift from the pool.
  • The second player can opt to steal from the first participant or pick from the pool. This is called stealing. Subsequent players follow. If someone is a victim of a theft,she may steal or select a number.
  • A gift can only be ‘stolen’ 3 times.
    The first player goes last (ie he or she has the last steal)

Please make your bookings by 28th November by calling Carol at (03) 4256 4531 or by e-mailing rspcadmin@rspc.org.my